Can you really put too many locks on a door and have Lock Overkill?

I’m sure you’ve probably seen it somewhere – TV or a movie.     The person goes to their front door, opens/turns two or three deadbolts, releases a chain or two, plus the knob – maybe it takes about five or more seconds to undo the locks, then opens the door.    So you think, wow… that door’s really secure, right???


Let’s think to the simplest form of a door.   What is it?   It’s an opening in a solid wall, that can be closed and secured.. AND when closed, you’d like it to be as solid as the rest of the wall, for security, right?  Right….   In the above scenario, yes, that ONE SIDE of the door is super secure…   but what about the hinge side.   If there’s only two or three hinges on that apartment/house door, and possibly improper hinges at that, (not having pins in them to secure the door frame to the door when closed) it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE how many locks they have on the door, as a person could get in easier on the hinged side.

This is especially true with ‘outswing’ doors that open to the outside, rather than swinging inside the home.    If the wrong kind of hinges are used, or older ones, etc., a person needs only a small hammer, a hole punch or small nail, and they can just pound up the hinge pin, and then with a screwdriver pry the door open from the hinge side, NOT THE SIDE with all the locks….  There are newer hinges, special hinge pins, or even just a quick fix with a couple screws that can make that door secure on the hinge side, as well as the knob/lock side, so it can’t be pried off the frame within seconds.

More important than the number of locks on the door, in one sense, is that the locks you do have on that door are INSTALLED PROPERLY and FUNCTIONING PROPERLY….  We, at Liberty Locksmiths, have seen improper installation of deadbolts and locks from low/mid-range homes, on up to homes costing millions of dollars.   While the deadbolt itself functions perfectly, the hole on the actual frame of the door is not deep enough, thereby not allowing the bolt to extend fully to the locked position.   In essence, while the bolt might go into the hole and keep the door from swinging open, a simple knife,  screwdriver, or even the proverbial credit card,  can slide the latch or bolt back and a burglar is in.   Simple fix – the hole has to be drilled deeper to allow the bolt to do its job.
There are also numerous other procedures that can be done to make your door jambs solid, like longer screws for the strike plates which screw further into the wall instead of just the door frame, over-sized strike plates,  specifically built to withstand forced entry, to name just a few others..

Hopefully reading the above has given you a bit of insight into the way locks actually work on doors.    Please keep in mind we’re here to help you with information over the phone, if possible.   If you send us pictures of your potential problems, we’ll do out best to give you ideas on how to test the issues above.   As always, it’s our job to make you feel safe and secure.
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Cabinet Lock,Double Door

Here is a lock you need to think about adding to your cabinets

If you are a business that has stationary, printer inks and other office supplies and you want to keep them secure, you need to think about having one of these cabinet locks installed.
Perhaps you need to secure your liquor and fine wines to keep your inventory from coming up short.

Keep your things secure!

Double Lock Cabinet LockDon’t let hind sight be the teacher in a scenario that could have been avoided.

Have your locksmith install a cabinet lock when they are servicing your business. It will give you piece of mind and is a simple add on to your current locksmith needs.

Liberty Locksmiths

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Our most basic service is rekeying

When moving into a new home or business it really is very important that you rekey your locks.

You don’t have to replace them rekeying is a very economical way to protect the perimeter of your properties.Liberty-Locksmiths-Re-Keying-Services

Before you move all your expensive equipment into your business and leave it all alone overnight.

Before you lay your head on your pillow at night to sleep. How can you possibly know if someone else has a key? You don’t.

Liberty Locksmiths says it is cheap insurance to rekey all of the existing hardware.

And consider this. Don’t just choose any locksmith off the Internet. Many states do not require Locksmiths to have criminal background checks. Florida is one of them!. Liberty Locksmiths has full comprehensive background checks on all of our employees and are more than happy to prove it to you.

We started Liberty Locksmiths in October 1999.

 We had two trucks and worked out of the garage.

LibLock 2Now we own the building, have six trucks and have a total of 10 employees. We have been very fortunate😊🔐

Thank you to all our clients and loyal customers. We are at your service!

I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my wife Barbara and brother Greg!

Gun Safes

TL_15_gun_vaultOkay….. So you’ve got James Bond’s Walther PPK. 7.65 mm; Dirty Harry’s S & W, Model 29, 44-Magnum; Mathew Quigley’s Sharps 45-70 buffalo gun – not to mention other collectible firearms, but you’ve spent years, decades, half a lifetime or more, plus thousands and thousands of dollars for your collection.


Are you going to trust this collection in just any old gun safe?





Republic Safe HollonYeah, there’s numerous safes out there touting they’re the best. But you need to read the numbers, compare them, and then make a decision as to what is the best, most secure, trusted gun safe there is.

As certified Hollon dealers, we have three series of gun safes….. The Black Hawk Series, which has a 1-Hour fire resistance rating, and comes in three models/sizes – 400, 600, and 1050 pound; The Republic Series, having a 90-Minute fire rating; on to the ultimate ‘vault’ for your firearms, the TL-15 EMP Series – 2,380 pounds of a fortress, having a 2-Hour fire rating, holding up to 23 rifles, three (3) side-by-side barrel shotguns, six (6) pistols, with, of course, room left over for ammunition.





bh1 Hollon SafeDepending on which specific safe, they come with different size adjustable shelves; plush interiors; lighting kits; dehumidifiers; a minimum of 10 to 16 1-1/2” bolts around the door; numerous ‘locking mechanism’ options, – i.e., Sargent & Greenleaf, or SecuRam electronic, or dial-type, if you prefer…..

Needless to say you’ve made quite an investment. Make sure that investment is protected to the max, giving you peace of mind at all times. Stop by our store to actually see some of these safes, and get prices…… or give us a call. We’ll do our best to walk you through what you’re looking for. 407-260-2727


 Bait and Switch, It’s what they do…

     These so called “locksmiths” who do little but prey upon the unsuspecting public.

Bait and Switch Its late at night, you lost your keys..or had to fire an employee..or maybe broke a key off in your front door lock.  So you go to your computer,or smart phone, or maybe even a phone book to look up a locksmith.Thats how it starts. You find an ad that says Fast, Immediate, Anytime Service, only $20.00..and right in your area of town!….Really? Can you believe that?  Many people do, and that 20 dollar service ends up costing hundreds of dollars. Bait and switch.

Its almost impossible to avoid. These questionable companies take out hundreds,upon hundreds of ads, telephone numbers ,and blanket the areas with false , made up addresses.. while all the calls get routed to a broiler room call center in who knows whereville.  It is all very carefully designed  to fool you, and out number the legitimate locksmith.  So, what can you do?.. Check the ads carefully, look for a address, see if any accreditations are listed, like the Better Business Bureau , or Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) ckeck the company name; then google the name and address, find customer reviews…take a few minuets to get an idea about the legitimacy of this company.

When you call ask for the company name, do not settle for “locksmith” or  “answering Service”….ask for the address of the company,and where the tech is dispatched from. Do they have clearly marked vehicles and proper ID. A legitimate locksmith wont have problems with any of these questions.Make sure the answers you get match what you already found out in the ad..if things don’t match or seem fishy, guess what? Betcha they are fishy.

Understand you will not get a professional locksmith for Twenty dollars., the scammers will say its 20 to come out, and try to leave the conversation at that point. Make it a clear point that you will need a complete written estimate before allowing any work to be done, and never, ever give a credit card or payment before the work is complete. When the locksmith shows up, check them out, look at the service vehicle…check the tag, is it local? In State? Is there a company name, and does it match the company you called? Ask the tech for the company name and a business card or company issued ID, Also again state that a written quote is needed before the work starts. Any demand for cash only is also a huge danger sign. DO NOT allow any work to commence without a clear and final estimate in hand . If things become uncomfortable, or you encounter resistance when asking questions, ask them to leave, many scammers get threatening and demand payment..at this point call the police..you owe them nothing for simply showing up, especially if its not the company represented to you in the ad that attracted you.

It is unfortunate that the telephone companies and search engines enable the misrepresentations of our Trade… The consumer is now tasked with the process of due diligence when choosing a service company of any type.. A little time spent investigating can save money, time and headache.

The TL-15 Safe

This isn’t a safeTL-15

It’s a fortress.

Sophisticated burglar attacks. Devastating power tools. Raging forest fires. Nope … none of those are getting through our new PM Series safes. When you want the ultimate in security, trust the safes that are ranked Protection level: Maximum … that’s the promise behind our new PM Series.

We’ve put our PM Series safes through testing that could only be called insane … including punishment by experts wielding all types of safecracking tools, hell-bent at breaking in. And we’re confident that burglars or fire don’t stand a chance at whisking away your valuables when they’re protected by one of these. For the ultimate Peace of Mind, this UL tested TL-15 PM series of safes offers tool resistant and fire proof security above and beyond our toughest safes yet.

This is the TL-15 rated safe that thinks it’s a TL-30. Not only does it have similar features, it has far exceeded every TL-15 test we’ve put it through. And that’s some testing.

This TL-15 withstands the most sophisticated burglar attacks. Our team of experts has punished this baby with everything short of dynamite. They’ve gone at it with sledgehammers, pickaxes, crowbars and pry bars, power saws, chisels, drills and rotating disc cutters … with no luck.

As if that’s not enough, this offers added protection against high-intensity fires. That’s right … this TL-15 has passed a factory rating Two Hour internal temperature of 350° F while the external temperature reaches up to 1750° F Fire Test Certification. We’re talking forest fire strength.

Let’s face it: You won’t find a tougher TL-15 safe.

  • 2 Hour Fire resistant, up to 1750 degrees.
  • Burglary Resistant handle design.
  • Glass Re-locker.
  • Highly compressed concrete mixture.
  • 450 pounds with added bolt down hole.
  • Exterior dimensions 16H x 19 5/8W x 19 D.

These safes offer high security protection for business such as coin shops, pawn ,and jewelry shops,even pharmacies. They meet or exceed stringent insurance requirements. As a home safe there is no better choice for small firearms, precious valuables or cherished heirlooms.

Come by our show room to get your hands on one today!

10 basic tips for home security

These are just 10 basic tips for Home Security. Call or fill out the contact us if you have additional questions. 


1) Have exterior lighting,motion activated lights, even cameras if possible.

2) Keep bushes and trees trimmed low around windows..it limits hiding areas for criminals

3) Keep it tidy. Remove junk or clutter,,old newspapers, ect.

4) Have warning signs, such as “Beware of dog” or “home alarm system”

5) Don’t advertise new purchases, cut up boxes from that new TV or electronic equipment on garbage day.


1) Make sure you have and USE deadbolts, and that they operate correctly.The deadbolt should extend a full 1″ into the door frame for optimum security.

2) Avoid leaving curtains or blinds open…as someone may like the looks of your stuff

3) Check you window and sliding door locks,make sure they are working. A simple broomstick in the sliders track works great as a visual deterrent. (Same as deadbolts do)

4) Do Not hang your keys by the front door, find another place out of sight.

5) Get a quality door viewer, peep-hole, with clear vision, know who is at your door before opening it.

   There are many more suggestions and options that can help, this is a good starting list to accomplish. Liberty Locksmiths are proud to offer Free in home security inspections.  We are here for You, Keeping You Safe and Secure is what we do.


New Continuous Hinge Installation

Fire Escape door repair with a new continuous hinge

This video shares how to repair a door that has failed with the standard 3 hinge approach because of the weight of the door.

This particular continuous hinge comes with a life time warranty

A continuous hinge that is installed and is mounted on the entire length of the door where it is to be held to the frame. The functionality and aesthetics of this continuous hinge are designed for a life time of service.

This particular continuous hinge was installed on numerous doors at a hotel in Orlando, Fl. that failed a safety inspection because the stairway doors would jam due to the stress of the top hinge that became bent because of the weight of the door causing the door to fail.

This video will show you the problem and the tools to repair it, as well as the installation of this particular continuous hinge.


Rob Kowal, President of Liberty LocksmithsIf you have any questions please fell free to contact us via our “Contact Us” page and we will get back with your answer in a timely fashion.

If Liberty Locksmiths can be of assistance in the installation of this hinge at your establishment, Please call and we will provide you with an estimate and with a professional installation.