10 basic tips for home security

These are just 10 basic tips for Home Security. Call or fill out the contact us if you have additional questions. 


1) Have exterior lighting,motion activated lights, even cameras if possible.

2) Keep bushes and trees trimmed low around windows..it limits hiding areas for criminals

3) Keep it tidy. Remove junk or clutter,,old newspapers, ect.

4) Have warning signs, such as “Beware of dog” or “home alarm system”

5) Don’t advertise new purchases, cut up boxes from that new TV or electronic equipment on garbage day.


1) Make sure you have and USE deadbolts, and that they operate correctly.The deadbolt should extend a full 1″ into the door frame for optimum security.

2) Avoid leaving curtains or blinds open…as someone may like the looks of your stuff

3) Check you window and sliding door locks,make sure they are working. A simple broomstick in the sliders track works great as a visual deterrent. (Same as deadbolts do)

4) Do Not hang your keys by the front door, find another place out of sight.

5) Get a quality door viewer, peep-hole, with clear vision, know who is at your door before opening it.

   There are many more suggestions and options that can help, this is a good starting list to accomplish. Liberty Locksmiths are proud to offer Free in home security inspections.  We are here for You, Keeping You Safe and Secure is what we do.