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If you're still reading, I've piqued your interest.

What is it with doors?  You've  finally got your new house/home; or your new building for your own business you've worked so, so hard for. You've worked years for these moments in your life. Everything is workingHinge1 great....  You've secured your building, whether home or business, with new locks which were installed, or rekeyed the existing ones so you are secure knowing who has keys.  The doors keep out the rain, the heat or cold, as well as bugs, intruders, and they do the job they were designed to do. THEY PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OR BUSINESS.


They worked so good, so seamlessly at first; closing by themselves, latching properly, locking securely without effort, no light or bugs coming under the door, or at the door frame, etc. Now it seems as though you're fighting them, slamming them, lifting them so they close/latch properly... having a harder time just locking them.

Well, as with everything, doors have a lifespan. A new door, installed properly, is aligned with the door frame. Over time, though, and with our Florida sun/heat, humidity, rain/storms, etc., the wood can swell up where the door is actually rubbing against the frame, or it might be due to moisture and/or constant use throughout the day, whereby the hinges are coming loose from the door frame, letting the weight of the door pull against it, misaligning the door, or the latching/locking mechanisms.  

Even with the heavy, metal commercial-duty doors, rain/moisture builds up, rusting them out the same way, with the same results.

LIBERTY LOCKSMITHS is NOT only a full locksmithing service for residential and commercial buildings, but ALSO deals with realigning/fixing doors,  installing/repairing door closers, panic-exit bar repair and/or installation, Detex alarm installations, just to mention a few of things we do along that line.

The door may need only tightening of the hinge screws, or maybe shaving a bit of the wood, or metal, down just a bit to fit in the door like it did originally, or dremeling out the strike hole so you no longer are trying to force the lock, or knob, or having to slam the door – some of the “simple” fixes.....

But, yes, sometimes you're left with no choice but to do a major repair, like installing a continuous hinge, as you can read about in one of our other blogs – even see one being installed. This is basically like a pianoHinge hinge, whereby the entire length of the door is attached to the entire length of the door frame, making the door an integral part of the door frame itself, and they carry a life-time warranty.

We at LIBERTY LOCKSMITHS & SECURITY PRODUCTS, invite you to keep us in mind the next time you suffer from one of these maladies, or even something not mentioned here...  Call us;  if possible, have a few pictures you can send us and we may be able to tell you over the phone some of the possible solutions to your individual problem;  but if not, we're always able to come out and take a look and see what is going on, depending on our daily schedules, and your location.

ReKeying does the Job for a lot less!

• Courteous & Prompt Mobile Service
• On-Site Rekeying Specialists (*a* What is this?  –   See below)
• Restricted/secure keyways available (*b* What is this? – See below)
• Factory Authorized by Detex• Authorized Dealer for U.S. Lock products
• Master-keying
• Opening/changing safe combinations
*a*   Rekeying a lock is where your existing lock is disassembled, the internal pins taken out and replaced with new pins which match a brand new key, which is totally different from the old key.   The savings are obvious, as under most all circumstances the customer  DOES NOT need to purchase new hardware unless there is a problem — old, rusty, broken into, etc.
*b*   Restricted keyways are special locks which utilize a keyway that is not available at  hardware stores, mall kiosks, and places that are able to make copies of normal keys – like Kwikset, Schlage, etc.   Some of these keyways make it impossible for even other locksmiths to make copies legally. The cost will vary for this, of course, but the end result is that as long as you’re under control of the number of keys originally made to fit this lock, you should never have to go to the expense of  rekeying your home, or business, again, nor worry about someone ‘bumping’ your lock open. “Bumping” a lock open is where some burglars/criminals  have a specially-cut key that, used correctly, might be able to open your lock within seconds.

By visiting our Website, you undoubtedly have a problem, or question, concerning some kind of lock/door/security issue.   Having some basic information on hand, when you call, will allow us to help you in the quickest and best way possible.

This short Video shows what it takes to
Re-Key vs Replacing a lock!

We can rekey up to 4 locks and up to 2 keys for the low price of $119.00.

The Special Price of $119.00 + tax and can not be combined with any other discounts or coupons!

This offer is only available 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday in Orange & Seminole County, Fl. and to residential customers. We are locksmiths you can trust, We have background checks on all of us!

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What our customers are saying about us...

“I had just bought a home. Liberty Locksmith came and changed the front door handle and deadbolt, then the gentleman rekeyed five other entrances. The gentleman (a retired military man) was prompt, did the work he needed to do, and was friendly and professional. I would definitely use this company again!”

“Why bother to even call anyone else! It is obvious why this company is #1 in their field. Scott arrived early for our appointment, advised me on what he thought were the best alternatives for multiple door locks, re-keyed the entire house and actually fixed an existing door jamb that was not properly "in sync". He was professional, very knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Liberty Locksmiths!”

“We closed on our home at noon on 1/24/11. I contacted Liberty Locksmiths. The person who answered the phone said let me check and see if I can get someone out today. She came back on the phone and stated she would have someone here at 1:30PM. I was pleasantly surprised, but happy as we were not planning on staying at the home all day. Scott arrived 10 minutes early, rekeyed the 5 locks, made the keys, and was very professional and cordial. Great Job Liberty!”

"Had the new locks on all outside doors rekeyed to one key. The Liberty locksmith had it all done in a blink of an eye. Great work. Affordable price. Nice customer service. We'll use them again"


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Home Lock Safety Tips

Liberty LocksmithsAlways take the house key with you when leaving the house, even for a short period such as checking the mail. It is not uncommon for a customer to be waiting for a locksmith in their bathrobe because they only went to get the paper. • If the keyhole begins to look rusty or becomes harder to turn, try lubricating it with a spray lubricator from any hardware store. Forcing a key to turn may cause the key to break and the key will have to be extracted from the keyhole by a professional locksmith. Any good locksmith should have the locksmith equipment to extract the key, but in some cases the lock itself may need to be replaced.

• If you own a locking box, small safe with a key, or have a drawer that locks, never put the key inside the unit. The unit may close and lock the key inside.

Liberty Locksmiths & Security Products

541 North Park Ave, 
Apopka, Florida  32712Liberty Locksmits Loby

As we’re sure you realize, almost all jobs will vary in one way or another, which makes it impossible to quote anything ‘exact’ in this site. After viewing the information on the previous pages,  please give us a call and we’ll gladly provide you with a basic quote over the phone or, depending on the circumstances, we can provide a no-charge written estimate for you once one of our locksmiths has been to your home or business to see exactly what needs to be done.

On average, our response time to your home/business is within one to two hours, maybe quicker, depending on the time of day, our existing schedule, etc. Should you wish to schedule something more definite, please call a day or two before and we’ll do everything possible to be there at the time requested.

Thank you for your interest in Liberty Locksmiths; we look forward to serving you. And remember, we’re in your area now, or will be shortly.